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the world’s a vast vast ocean

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if we all…

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ray of light

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crazy, sane

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I am not in need of someone that sees me as their enemy. Someone who feels I ‘trap’ them in a horrible life. Someone who believes I drag him down.
I am much more in need of someone that sees me as a genuine person, someone who tries, very hard, to do what is good and right. Someone who looks for a larger purpose, a higher goal and strives for understanding — both of life, of love and of myself.

I would like someone to share with. To share my thoughts, my feelings, my ideas — without judgement, without argument — just open, honest communication. Someone that wants to know what I’m about as much as I’m seeking to know what he’s about. I want a partner – someone who will take my hand, take a stand – make a difference.

I would like honestly – trust and not to have to question validity/truth in every word or action. Someone earning my love as much as I am earning theirs.

I would like no questions, no fear, no uncertainty. I would like to KNOW undoubtedly that I am loved and cared for and that position in my relationship is SECURE.

I no longer wish to worry about what is the truth. If I am in the right place, will this person I trust with my life be there — I need no doubts, No fears.

I would like for all uncertainty about us to disappear — to not have to constantly wonder if the person I love is talking to someone else like I don’t exist.