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The world is spinning out of control— craziness.

Every once in awhile we get a wake up call that reminds us who we are and what is important.  When the planes crashed into the WTC did you as what was that companies sales for that day or did you ask, are those people alive??

Human life became important—it became real.

Enough people were in that building that we were all directly or indirectly affected.  For one day, we were all one—huddled mass of worry for our fallen family/friends.  Why did it take a disaster of this magnitude to make us care about our fellow man?

Thousands of people die wrongful deaths daily throughout the world, and all are as unjust as those we, as American’s witnessed on 9/11.

Maybe if we knew people better- if we got to know our friends, our family around the world—faceless acts of hate and terrorism will no longer be possible.

If we could look at each man despite his race/nationality- as our brother-as our friend- as a person- not a stereotype- or generalization—life would be a beautiful and cherished thing.

The 9/11 story grows more painful and more tragic as the families and lifestyles of those killed are broadcast.  As we learn of their children, their goals, their plans, their loves, and their courage—at the souls extinguished- our hearts bleed.

EVERY man has a story, a love, a treasured gift.  If we can find that gift—recognize it, and bond with this person on some level- we can overcome mass hate.  Overcome great evil. Overcome rash and unjust mass tragedies.

Seeing people, ALL people- in all countries- as fathers, and sons; lovers and friends is the key to our future as a race.

There is noone without hurt, frustration, goals, pain… We must combine, not as a nation, but as a species, as a world to heal all wounds and all hurt before proceeding.  Get to know your fellow man, your brothers and sisters.  Learn their stories, their hardships, their love and their peace, and we will see we are not separated–  we are all needing the same needs, breathing the same air and walking the same earth.  We are not aliens to each other.  We have become aliens to ourself. And the key to opening that door- to seeing who we are, who we can be is in our relationships to other people.

Would you pull out a gun and shoot out father, your son? Then why do it to another—why cause suffering you would not want to go through onto another?  Why cause suffering to someone else you are only causing it to yourself- ultimately-  …  to a piece of yourself.  It will come back to you, not today maybe not tomorrow—but somehow you will feel that pain and you will know that you have made a mistake.

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