‘How 2 get what you really really, really really want…

‘How 2 get what you really really, really really want…

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I’ve found that listening to an audiobook of Wayne Dyer & Deepak Chopra entitled ‘How to Get what You Really, Really Want’ inspires/empowers me & generally lifts my mood (even if I’m only 1/2 listening while cleaning the house etc..)

anyways :) -there is one part that (in the section about what you really, really Don’t want, you’ll get that too :)) – that I for some reason thought of the perfect example for — 

Wayne discusses having an amazing amount of money  & buying hideous things even though you don’t like them. Which, I guess, to me doesn’t make sense, although I understand the point he’s trying to make. The other day, I thought of a change to his example, that would make it make more sense to me — 

you’re in the mall with a ton of money — every second you spend thinking about/looking  at something, costs you $1,000

you walk by a window -” that is the most hideous rug I’ve ever seen… ” (cost you $1,000)–  instead of diverting attention from the ‘hideous’ piece, you linger (another $1,000, oh by the way) .. ‘I would never…’ (another $1,000 of your precious attention-bank) ..’ have you ever seen something so horrible? ($1,000) … 20 minutes later, still staring at the unacceptable item, you’ve invested over 1 Million dollars of attention on this thing that you definitely Don’t want — 

on what you did want, it only took $2,500

why do we spend so much time on what we’re sure isn’t what we want & then act surprised when this we’ve invested so much time in happens.. we’ve paid for it, the universe is just delivering.

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