Here I sit thinking…

Here I sit thinking…

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Here I Sit Thinking

where do I stand, what do I have and is my path correct? Am I being stubborn – or am I driven for this personal success? What I would like is security no fear and no regret no questions about my position and to be treated with utmost respect I would like to have hope for tomorrow that that day will be better than this to expel all fear and confusion and to know what I have really is to start out today with nothing to not be burined so deep in this debt to push, work and do as I know is the truth and to climb out and then be ahead I don’t want an easy answer that will lead only to later distress i choose now to do that which I know is more true and to follow my heart and my head your way may be easier but not fulfilling or true this task I have set, I can do and someday you will believe in that too.

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