what is going to happen?

what is going to happen?

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what are we...

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what are we going to do
or what am I going to do?
why do you always talk like you’ll be here
when you’re not.

How do I pretend
that it’s all untrue
that I don’t feel cheated, lost and alone
and hurt and disappointed
and weak and stupid
by all the things you do

What happened to the love
to the peace of your ams around me
what happened to the care
the importance, the place I used to hold in your life

How can I still have these feelings
how can I want you here?
how stupid am I for wanting that
which you’ve proven I’m denied

Why do I lay at night
pretending you’re coming home
Why do I listen for your car and get nervous
just knowing you’re on your way
why do I wish you would call — to
profess everlasting love

When I know you’re in bed with another while mine is alone and cold…

why do I wait for a flash of truth — to come into your life –
why do I tolerate horrible acts
that prove I’ll never be right

Why do I hold your hand
when you’re hurt or sad, or in horrible pain
when you are out with another
and my tears are
shed all in vain

Why do I think you still love me
that there’s some chance
and reason for hope
why do i say nothing and smile
when the pain is too much to cope

why do I allow this to happen
why do I stay by your side
doing and saying whateveryou please
being there for you when you’re tired

why am i such an idiot
that allows these things to go on
why am I waiting in silence
and why do I not feel wrong
why do I feel I’m correct
in assuming a still lasting love
a heart that’s true
and care overdue
just buried in a pile of wrong

why do I fee that even still
you want to be with me
when action have proven a far different truth
and left me in tears on the floor

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