ok, well :)

ok, well :)

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feeling restless and crazy — this kinda stinks and I think I’d rather be over it… sooo hmmm — I don’t know what to say — I want to know what I want to do and i think I do know, yet it’s really going to hurt him and I don’t want to do that.
I think about you so much, why is that — there are so many things not right, yet my mind lingers on the ‘right’ ones. You’ve touched me somehow.. a lot. and have made a real difference to me. Showed me how nice things can be, how not stressful a relationship can be without all the sacrifices I’ve had to make to make my current one work —
your eyes — mostly your lips — your touch — God, I look forward to more of you, although I know it’s not realistic or even long-term-ly possible — but I don’t know — I can’t be a grown-up about it — just gotta think of you and spending time with you — anyways :) — it’s dumb — you’ve said nothing to even insinuate that you are even close to the same — but hey:) it’s ok :)
You’re really good at ‘loving someone’ showing love and just being amazing to be with and I could enjoy that quality of yours forever –
I’ve never had it like that before and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.
I do miss you, but would definitely prefer to “not” miss you :)
Bye sweetie, I look forward to anything :)

Accidentally thinking of you, as usual!


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