the bottom line

the bottom line

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I have, many times since you’ve left tried to sit down and figure things out. Find answers, plans, something – that wil get things on the right track. I have been unable to, I keep searching and I’m coming up with nothing on my own. 

If you do not want to be a family, to share plans/goals/lives – that is really okay. I do not want you to spend your life in a situation you want no part of. I truly don’t and would prefer to be without you than with you like it has been.

If  you do think it is what you would like your life to be, then you need to choose it, act it, live it

I am not looking for someone to ‘tolerate’ living/being with me – someone that will force himself to ‘muddle through’.

I would prefer someone that sees the gifts I have to give, the greatness/potential I have inside. Someone that knows I am a good person with a good heart and good intentions. Someone that sees the love, honesty, trust, loyalty and simpleness I offer — the ideas, the principles that I have and represent. 

Someone that values me as a person and vows to honor, respect and protect me with all he has

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