just thinking…

just thinking…

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you say that
you care for me a lot, that you want me to be taken care of
you leave, and think only of reasons why you should stay
you stay, and think only of reasons why you should leave

i just had a thought…
Life can be miserable with anyone
look at our son,
he’s a terrible pain and causes immense trouble most of the time
yet, he’s adorable, sweet & an amazing gift
if we look at him only as a pain, how he makes things harder,
Yes, we’ll be miserable —
but if, instead,
we look at the joy, the laughter and the wonderful gifts he brings, we see that we are blessed.

I know, I too am a pain – trouble in your life
but I also bring great gifts — I don’t always show them, but I offer
unconditional love, an enduring desire, unending trust, support and joy

I would like you to look/think of me, to feel blessed, not weighed down & i will always do the same.

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