how much longer..

how much longer..

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will things be like this
how long will other people determine where, when & how long I get to spend with you
how long must I sleep alone, live alone and feel alone

how long do I have to pretend it doesn’t kill me to see you walk out and go sleep with someone else
how long before life is back
not life we had 2 months ago, but real life
2 people bonded, working for similar purpose, shared goals… making a stand — building a shared life
how long until things are right?
until I do not lie alone in bed, staring at the ceiling – begging someont to do something – to give me some answer that will put things back on track
moving in the right direction – not sitting here, getting worse by the second – moving backwards in huge steps/leaps
how bad must things get?
where is the line
will there ever be hope for better than this?

how much longer…

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