it’s good that you know

it’s good that you know

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you can trust me and that I’ll always be there for you, but do you see something wrong with the fact that I can not even trust you to answer the phone? –  much less to be here when I’m dying inside – getting abandoned, left crying and alone daily… 


if you’re happy there, wanting to have a great and wonderful life with here, that would be different — 
but you plan on me following you around the country – writing you inspiring letters while you’re working your butt off at bootcamp — on me continuing to be there for you in the future

so why?
why cause me to feel like a worthless piece of .. by leaving me for someone else everyday and not even for a nice or good person — It’s degrading to me, hurtful and devastating to me, every day for weeks now

I don’t know why this is the choice you’re making – it doesn’t seem right and doesn’t make sense
being there doesn’t help  — it’s making nothing better
so why are you there when even you know that’s not where you belong?

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