do you know what would be nice?

do you know what would be nice?

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not this

It is really very hard for me to understand/figure out this situation. I am once again in a depressed and wishing I were dead place. I just want truth, that’s all — just a little honesty and truth.

Yes, I agree with you that there is a definite need for change in our monetary situation. I have to do something – I know.
But I truly do not comprehend how sleeping over and doing whatever she says will fix it.
I just don’t know, don’t understand and can not deal with this immense pain over and over. If you do want to be with me, you need to be here and act like it – all the time. We need to come up with something, together, a real-true plan as to how we will fix things.

but with your sleeping not here, I am 1/2 the time dying inside trying to figure everything out and I really don’t feel like finding work when everything is hopeless.

I just don’t know what to say, it’s very very not right — this situation. It can not continue like this…

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