a good find for book lovers like me…

a good find for book lovers like me…

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Make an Offer: Negotiate Prices on Great Books!

Okay.. if you can’t tell .. I’m a sucker for books. I don’t read as much as I’d like to & used to be MUCH worse when I had more free time, but I love to have books around. To look at, hold, read… to just know I have all this knowledge and information at my fingertips… i’m a little weird

In fact, one of the best ‘gifts’ Nick gave me not long after we met, was showing up with a truck full of moving boxes full of books they found at a clean out/ hauling job.. it was like CHRISTMAS.. Seriously!! Hours of fun for us both… going through, finding newer books, classics, random stuff I’d never buy but am glad to add to my collection–some  super old books (VERY cool!) – it was great (we were excited, just an example of the random stuff we do that reiterates how perfectly matched we are ).

I’m aware that not always will the ‘book fairy’ show up with hundreds of books, so I’ve also come across a couple of websites that sell books for SUPER low prices. One, used to be called Alibris.com (but now it’s called Biblio).

Whenever Diore needs a book for school reading or  wants the newest maximum Ride novel, this is where I look first!

When he was younger, we went through a Dr. Seuss phase.. I bought EVERY single Dr. Seuss book I could find. There is a very good chance we have most every one .

I find a new author or philosopher or read a classic & decide I need to fill out my collection with MORE from that author… $50 later and I have another dozen books to add to the shelf!

If you love books (and hoarding.. just a little :) ) — these 2 websites are an amazing find, I had to share

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