Carhartt’s for kids

Carhartt’s for kids

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Shop New Summer Arrivals at AxlsCloset! Most people don’t know, I do a LOT of shopping online. With work & kids, I find it a lot easier to browse and enjoy the whole shopping experience if I just do it from my computer – I’m a hermit.. it’s true :)

I’ve decided to blog more often & in that include more just general info about us & what we do. Many people are looking for great websites to buy clothes for their kids, or weird random products, so when I find something cool, I’m going to start sharing!

Nick’s big into Carhartt – there are very few days when he’s not wearing Carhartt at one time or another (he works a lot & he just like’s how they fit & hold up with time and all the crazy dirt,grease,concrete, drywall mud, paint, who knows what he gets into!). I just found this site that has (among many other cool things our kids would love :) ) — kid’s Carhartt jackets/overalls etc. They even have baby carhartt stuff! How cute is this?!?!?!

Carhartt Washed Bib Overall Set Carhartt Washed Bib Overall Set

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True, we’re not going to stock our kids up on them, but for special occasions… to get them something to help them ‘be like dad :)’ – it’s a cool site & if you’re looking for a new online store with cool clothes for your kids (not necessarily carhartts :) , you should add them to your list of cool online stores!

Oh & if you’re just looking for regular Carhartts ( mens, womens etc..)  – this site has a GREAT selection!!

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