all i’ve ever wanted…

all i’ve ever wanted…

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I’ve thought of what it is..

what i need to know…

this is what i ask myself often–
the only thing i ask for.. from u.. to make me unquestionably believe..

can i trust you — believe in you
have absolutely no doubts about.. your efforts.. your intentions.. no doubts about anything

can i , not sometimes, but all the time
put our futures in your hands and know that you are doing all u can every minute to preserve and protect them..
to make it as good as u can

can i? and can you live everyday showing me why i can.. and treat me in ways that never make me have to question.. ever again?

that is.. all i have ever wanted.

to know i have is actually what i have. to believe in it unquestionably .. and to not be proven an idiot for putting all my .. everything.. into the hands of someone that only pretended.. sometimes.. it should be there…

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