you see… | original

you see… | original

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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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you are the world to me
the one I was made to be with,
I can’t imagine it any other way?
than you and me together, happily

don’t know why
I don’t believe

don’t know why
it won’t sink in

is it something I don’t want to hear
or do I know you don’t really mean it?

my life is full when you are near,
there is no meaning when you’re not here

no one to come home to
no one to care
just me alone

with no one there

it can’t be untrue,
these things here, with you

it must be right
for somehow through it all,
we’ve never forfeited the fight

no one was before
what you since have been
and no one will ever match you
for you, my dear, are him.

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