life is good

life is good

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life is good
pure as gold
the sweetest secret
never told

held within and loved throughout

passed through daily
without a doubt

ever the same
identical parts played
only with variant faces and names

the greatest mysteries
never solved
the importance of life
never dissolves

the game goes on
when time runs out
people move through
and don’t ask how

how did I get here

how do I leave

is there ever any relief?

how do I continue
when there is no way?

and in what is one justified to believe?

instead of just placing it all on the line
they hold back and choose to stay behind

the most important thing
one must never forget

is that life is no more
than what one brings to it

living is not sustaining the heat
it’s what one does and learns and see’s

as he becomes the conqueror

of all defeat.

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