a moment…

a moment…

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I sit here in a moment
content and rested fine
enjoying that that is not here
to fill up all my time
that that seeks attention
phone calls, games and love
that that weighs on me
taking all i’ve got
that that see’s what is its
and never what is mine
that that sees not who i am
but what i can provide

a moment is so very sweet
and never long enough
a little touch of sanity
in life that’s often gone amuck

a moment of reflection
a moment of time and peace
a moment where no one is grasping
begging, demanding for a piece…

a moment that’s mine
no time for any more
just me and mine entirely
til i walk back in through the door
not that i don’t love
those who need me too
but i do so love a moment
and there are so very few…

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