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touch feel

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touch — feel

love — heal

reach — steal

love — feel





once feel
love real

and never want to lose it again

a silence

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a silence fills
the room up full

a candle flickers
to increase the pull

a silent call
fills the air

A stunning sight
nothing can compare

a faint perfume is all around
silence is broken

without a sound

a life turns out

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a life turns out
unlike it seems

and two fall down
on crying knees

for what they ask
for who it tolls

why’s she throwing it onto the coals

how can life turn out so cold
someone gorgeous wonderful and bold

with a swat of his hand
and a word of hate

has turned it into a terrible fate

i ask for something, don’t think it’s too much

he gives me a little
that seems like so much

but the one thing i dream of
remains out of reach

for the one thing i long for

he does not release…

a closeness

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a closeness is there

that cannot compare
to anything that has occurred before it.

It has amplified my senses
magnified my soul

and placed it in a basket at your feet

you were meant for me

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you were meant for me
can’t you see
what we seem to be

how we are
how we’ve come so far

what’s inside
trying to hide
and run
to where one can not find the sun

but where I feel
when you forget to lock the door
and hide the key

that one place inside of me
that senses that you care
and tempts me to share
all I have and more
when you graciously open up the door…

the hardest lesson…

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other people have always been distractions, like main attractions at an amusement park, for me to look at, lose and leave behind

but you

you taught me what it is really like
how I really need to give myself to someone and the joy and fulfillment I get from doing just that

I don’t want to be completely alone
not anymore

and that is what you gave to me
right before you left…

a beautiful gift

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a beautiful gift has been given to me
more wonderful than any I could ever seek

a gift of love, a part of me
a look at myselft that has, til now, remained unseen

it took just one simple boy
to open a part of me, I thought was void

to wake me up, to let me Be
to show me what it is that makes me me.

there is

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there is
no more
for me
to ask for
for it
is all

see myself waiting

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see myself waiting
expectantly to see your face
a light on my soul,
when I meet your gaze

lighthearted and free
when by your side

comfortable and happy always,
with that look in your eye

thinking about you most of the time
you are truly amazing
one of a kind

can i hold you
for just a moment more
and have just one more kiss, as you walk out the door

just can’t get enough
feel this love for you so much

can’t believe you have such skill
to touch my heart like you have

i’m tired | nevermind…

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brought together

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brought together
by coincidence

complete destiny from the start.

same interview, same day, same crappy job, same loss of heart…

… only expressed in different ways.

they stand there looking

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they stand there looking
into each other’s eyes
finally aware of the feelings they’ve been trying to hide

both are unsure of just what to do
mutually scared to make the first move

it’s going to happen, but neither knows when
he pauses to think of where it all seemed to begin

the smell of his cologne, it reaches her nose
her eyes quickly flutter, then finally close

he slowly reaches out, then raises her chin
smiling, she realizes

she’s let him do it to her again

high school love :)

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I see you walking down the hall,

I dare not look, I dare not call.

For somewhere deep inside your eyes,

Is the place where all truth hides.

I’m not really sure if I want to know,

All that one quick look in your eyes would show.

For in your eyes I hope to see,

That sometimes you still think about me.

Everytime I walk by you,

I’m scared and I wonder just what I should do.

Well, this time I have to know,

so one quick look and then I’ll go.

I turn around slowly, and what do I see,

but your tell-tale eyes

looking right at me.

one of my poems

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Although there were many people there in that room,

Not just us two,

The only person that I seemed to see there was you.

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