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a heart of warmth

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a heart of warmth
a house of love

a long, long road
a force above

something more
than eyes can see

a touch of fate
holds you near me

miles are far
and time is long

yet, there is no wanting
the heart, it is strong

It lasts through time
and holds you close

There is no doubt
it’s you I need most

My love is warm
and oh so true

through these days
there’s always you

you lift me up
give me hope

you fill my heart
comfort my soul

you bring to me
a feeling new

you’ve given me something
that for once is true

My only want
and true desire

has already been given to me

I only hope to let it grow
into all it’s meant to be

I understand the words

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I understand the words.. often said before

Those of love and tenderness,
when one needs no more
than what they have and what they share

When all else that happens is merely icing on the cake.
To live, a person needs someone, not necessarily a wife or husband, but someone. A someone to give them meaning. To show them life. To ease their fears — bring light to tears.

They need that one person,
someone to remind them that they are wonderful and that life will go on. This person is there and just does not care about when or where, they just know that they are needed. This one, almost an angel – is one real thing in a world of illusions — together this pair makes one — you – me — us


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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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I bow down to you

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i bow down to you
on bended knee

I vow to do
only as you please

you see, My Love, it matters not to me
where I go nor what I see

for if you’re there
all is well
life will continue
my soul will swell

i can feel not
the pressure on me

if you are here
it is all appeased

pain  is gone
fear fades away
for with you in my life
I am not swayed

change in me

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change in me
so quick I couldn’t even see

until now.. and
oh wow.

My whole life now is new
I want to do things I never wanted to

A new place now is home
I no longer feel the urge to roam

Only to stay where I’m at
just to keep on and never turn back

Like it, love it
Hold it, want it

and never dream of letting go

swimming in the ocean clean

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I had the most beautiful dream

you were there and I was too
in the vast vast sea of blue

we were happy as can be
in the ocean, you and me

it made me wish for you so much
your beautiful face and sweet sweet touch

it filled me with hope that all my days
would be graced by your sweet tender gaze

for there

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for there
is nothing about which
I don’t care

to share
the love I bear

and that sign
I cannot find
is a kind of true love

that makes me whole

a gift more sweet

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a gift more sweet
than one can see

a gift more precious
than it seems

this gift I treasure and hold so dear
This gift I cherish and keep so near

It’s what I look to
when there’s nothing to see

It’s what I grab for
when there’s nothing to be

all I ask for – all I need.

all I long for- all I please

is this gift – all there is

There’s nothing quite as good as this

for you are mine, you give it all
and together, we shall never fall

here I am, Cinderella

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here I am, Cinderella
dancing at the ball
holding you in my arms
presiding over all

hoping that this moment
will somehow always last
and never sneak so slyly
into the forgotten past

wanting the song
never to end
don’t want to
have to begin again

seeing my kingdom
when I look in your eyes
couldn’t be happier
if i could grow wings and fly

If only I wore glass slippers
and you a crown of gold
we could live happily ever after
and have our story told and told

funny how

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funny how things turn out
when lives so strange
find themselves on a single plain

when two separate ways
lead to one
and two people realize that for once
an answer has come

the clouds have cleared
and left me here
standing high and feeling free
looking at you, can finally see
simple magic in your eyes
and a few things i thought God had tried to hide

questions asked long before
are no longer mysteries
for now, finally I’ve reached the shore

goodness shines

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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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erase the day

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erase the day
the debt is paid
no more bricks
the wall is laid

push it down
no more throwing stuff around

the storm is passed
and we are left a jumbled mass

sift and sort through the debris
you and me, down on our knees

the sun went down
we almost drowned

morning’s brought a brand new day
we’re finally on the path
going the right way!

you see… | original

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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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talking just today

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Talking Just Today

[ Original: text on photograph ]
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a glowing heart

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a glowing heart
in a sea of gold

a shining light
as the darkness unfolds

a hopeful tear
in a sea of despair

all this unravels
as I silently lie there

A seer of hope
with nothing to lose

Finds that she
has not yet hit the low

A love so sweet
remains incomplete

and yet there is noone to blame

Why so dark
in a time so light

Why now and then
does something wrong seem right?

There’s nothing in this
that leads the wrong way

and there’s nothing really more left to say

Something strange
has led me here

This something grows
as does the fear

What lies on the morning sun?

What’s beyond the last big run?

Why, when I look at you,
do I see
something entirely true?

Why do I fear
what I do not know

why are you afraid to give it a chance to grow

What will tomorrow bring to this day

will what’s forgotten somehow stay?

What is it that pulls my heart

and what is it that so brutally rips it apart?