love stuff

to you

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my love
I give myself
and all I have to give

I promise now
from this day on
for only ‘us’ to live

I release all fear
and instead hold dear
the truth inside my heart

If you, my dear
fill with fear
and then begin to doubt

take hold this ring
for through my heart

it’s all washed out

good luck

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in all you do

be safe and sound
don’t be bound

follow your dreams
with no nights filled with screams of hate

i hope you don’t get this too late

find love
and peace for you
and release

from all that holds you down

let go
don’t care

find someone you can share
everything with

know you still linger
in my mind,
you truly are one of a kind

i love you
really do

and wish you all the things you seek, to find

a longing heart

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a longing heart
with a touch of hope
a little love
never ceasing to grow

a trust that’s unquestionable
a bond that just won’t release
something about this time…
leaves me so at peace

i give

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i give.
you win.

The game is over
so can we just go back to being friends?

The pressure’s too much
Can’t take much more

I need someone
to come scrape me off the floor

I’ve taken it all
with a convincing smile

So please give me something
to put out this fire

That gotten my house
my heart and my soul

all I’ve got left
is simmering in coals

It’s better than nothing
that I admit

Can’t you do something?
I said, I quit…

Be a good winner
that’s all I ask

Help pick up the pieces
and put them all back

a feeling so true

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a feeling so true
like the stickiest super glue
just don’t know how to
release myself from you

or even if I want to

I want you to know
all that I see
want you to feel
the little things that we get for free…

.. that mean so much

love is here

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love is here
and all around
never before have I felt so bound

to life and lonliness, not to mention
the everlasting long
for your sweet hand on my face

I begin to wonder
where is my place
in this world, where should I be
moreover, what is it that I truly do need?

besides a new head, to think things through
a new mind that doesn’t always seem to dwell on you

a fresh state of mind, content with what it has
that never once sheds a tear when looking back
and knows the days will only get brighter from here…

a love so blind

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a love so blind
it cannot see
that it is truly love

just acts the part and chills the heart
to keep from falling in

It knows deep down, just what it is
yet will never say it’s so

It tells the soul to quiet down
it doesn’t want to know

but when it sleep, it becomes weak
the soul comes out to say

that love is there, beyond compare
and it will find a way


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how are you?

I’m doing fine…


my longing, wanting, pretentious heart

and all it’s loud, persistant friends

they won’t give up
and won’t give in
until 100% satisfied

They push me to see you.
They push me to write

Always reminding me that you’re worth the fight

and you know what…

you are.

see all that I want

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see all that i want
right in front of me

the dream that’s been in my head
I can finally see

nothing i can do
to make it all come true

for now it’s in the hands of God
awaiting the approving nod

it’s hard to see it all so close
and yet so far away

when the only thing that one can do
is wait and hope and pray

looking at everything

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]
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the light goes out
and I want more

like a promise
something real
to justify the way I feel

to give me a reason to let it grow
to convince me that you will not go

I’m worried sometimes that this dream will end
and I’ll go back to the beginning again

but that’s the chance one has to take
when playing games with such high stakes

fulfilled | original

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]
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lightning flashes

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lightning flashes
through the sky

passion flickers
through your eye

feel the rain
hit my face

feel your heart
begin to race

thunder shakes the earth and moon
hunger projects through the room

the storm transforms to soft morning dew
and I am left completely loving you

as always

to the one that holds my heart

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to the one that holds my heart…
I write these words to you
to he who is my dream
the fresh spring morning dew

I know that you are far away
and I am left right here
there has not been a time
when I did not feel you near

I know you know I miss you
and nothing is the same
I am waiting anxiously
to see you once again

goodnight, my dear

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goodnight, my dear
I miss you

is all I say today
For many times throughout these hours
my mind has often strayed

gGoodnight, my dear
I miss you
and can feel you at this time
when I lay down to go to sleep
and close my longing eyes