a picture hangs on the wall

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rain falls

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rain falls
easily from the sky

to wash away the problems
that around each man do lie

to weigh him down before the throne
to show him just how low is low

to keep on falling
to have no end

to terminate everything
so it can begin again

to force one’s mind from the ground
to lift their head and look around

to see the man with nothing more to lose
carelessly playing in his last pair of shoes

to make one realize that despite his own load
there’s another out there that’s lost in the cold

the middle ages

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the middle ages
are so hard
the times are rough
the feelings scarred

these are the times
when life is got
but not the happiest
in the lot

for now is when decisions come
to work or play or melt away

this is when you have to pay
for most of what you think and say

a job must be chosen
family too

but in this middle ages
nothing will do

it’s too soon for children
too late for games
too early for good salaries
yet the ‘old jobs’ just aren’t the same

the rest of life is counting on right now
but there are so many decisions
and so little true know-how

ever changing ( only surprised ) | original

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Original | Oil Pastels Abstract Art | Text Overlay

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walking by, let out a sigh

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walking by.. let out a sigh.. look of pain
as they choose not to hear my name

just the fragile shell they see
not the truth that’s really me

only the sad and depressed
they care not about the rest

all the happy times I’ve had
they only want to see the bad

all that has brought me down
they use that to keep me on the ground

‘I want to help you’ they always say
but that is just the game they play

to make themselves feel better

wild and happy

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wild and happy
one in the world

surrounded by animated mannequins
that can not see or feel

unbound and free
from all ties that bind

dancing to the music
that originates in the mind

the only one that’s really real

an enlightened creature
who’s spirit no mannequin could ever steal

all alone, but not really

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all alone, but not really
in my own world that’s not really my own
thinking thoughts that aren’t really mine
living a life that does not belong to me

so what’s the difference if I lose or win
or since it’s not my game, can I ever be anything but a useless pawn?

jump around on the board for no obvious reason
just to move

but the one who made me knows the way
leads me somehow through every game I play

letting in is not defeat
just as making it to the end isn’t victory

it’s not the destination that’s important
but the long route that gets you there

fulfilled | original

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]
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time winds up

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then time kills
time drips out
then it fills

covers my eyes
can hardly see
holds me down
then sets me free

time is long
but slides by fast
builds my future
then fills my past

will there ever be a time
that time refuses to exist
gives me time to think things out
to catch all that I’ve missed

age brings

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I understand the words

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I understand the words.. often said before

Those of love and tenderness,
when one needs no more
than what they have and what they share

When all else that happens is merely icing on the cake.
To live, a person needs someone, not necessarily a wife or husband, but someone. A someone to give them meaning. To show them life. To ease their fears — bring light to tears.

They need that one person,
someone to remind them that they are wonderful and that life will go on. This person is there and just does not care about when or where, they just know that they are needed. This one, almost an angel – is one real thing in a world of illusions — together this pair makes one — you – me — us

slowly watch it all fall down

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slowly watch it all fall down
the throne goes first
and then the crown

Slowly see,
it’s telling me

that nothing’s as important
as it seems

truth is wrong

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has been for so long
no sense of reality
only of fakeness and fraility
acting a part, straight from the start
a world apart, with little or no heart
too busy playing the part of a clown
to realize that the curtain is down
and has been for some time.


funny how

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funny howthings turn out

just when you think they won’t

Everything’s wrong
a bad country song

then BAM
it’s perfect again

So much better than they ever were planned

It’s amazing how

just now

when I’m down to my last 2 cents

life turns around and I’m right back on my feet again

crazy, huh?

and almost dumb

just how funny coincidences happen

To change your life and make it all somewhow suddenly worthwhile…

to the girl in the booth in front of me

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unsure of life and what it all means
drinking coffee
only wanting to sleep

I know what you think
just how you feel
as if nothing will change and you will slowly drown

too afraid to say anything
to anyone

take a deep breath
light a cigarette…
maybe everything will drift away with the smoke

you’re lonely
but not entirely alone
just unhappy with everything

you know
you remind me a lot of me
it’s not as bad as it seems