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for that which feels so near

through all that’s brought me here

where to next
i do not know
yet hunger for the way

for though i know not what’s ahead
i live for it each day


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strength is…
composure in the worst of situations

letting go of that which you can not control
holding full responsibility for that which you can…
calmness in the midst of chaos
serenity when nothing is silent

knowing that what others do.. despite any pain they cause.. is not done to damage
but is done for some inner reason …that those hurt may not see or understand…

let go
focus on that which you seek
and places you err
admit faults
ask why
seek reasons
avoid excuses
utter only truths
find what is real

a dream..

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one thought
completely clear
truly sure
lucid and pure

etched in the mind
then covered up
lost- forgotten
something TRULY know
for a moment

if not properly noted

in the chaos of the mind
the good ones come back

to remind you
you’re on the right path…

There are millions

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There are millions upon millions of questions out there and I’d say a good number of them remain unanswered. Imagine the knowledge we would hold if every question had a conceivable answer.

I suppose that is an expression of the Creator’s sense of humor.
You know, like infatuation with someone that lasts years and years, only to realize after actually spending time with the person, that you can’t stand them… or a birds inevitable duty to dirty up a car not five minutes after leaving the car wash.

Raising unanswerable questions is the creator’s way of showing us that what’s right under our nose ( or on our windshield ) is not a bunch of crap. There is a reason and time for everything…

a box lies on the floor

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shaking it.. no sound
lifting it.. no weight
touching the beautiful paper.. the big bow..
a tinge of exhilaration

pulling back the corners

then a bit more…



an ordinary box taped shut..

ripping it open now — unable to wait
excited about what may be inside…

digging through the packaging…
to reveal…

only a box filled with nothing but packing peanuts

it’s hard

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if we all…

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You Have

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the cup

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the cup

when times are hard

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when times are hard
and roads are rough
we suck it in
and then play tough
we paste a smile
to cover fear
and then lose touch
with all we hold dear

but life is true and
beautiful too
dropping often,
enlightening clues
to brighten our days
sweeten our nights
to drown our fears
lighten our plights

nature is one,
a true gift from above
emanating pure light
and only the truest of love

each bud that sits

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each bud that sits
and waits and blooms
holds his love
through and through
shows strength
and beauty and life so true
that we may see
and live some too

hope is inside

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hope is inside
begging its way out

hope is a sign
when you get turned around

hope is a thing
to make warmth out of cold

hope is a thing
that never grows old

the elderly hope
just as much as the young

their yearnings and burnings
are extinguished by none

we all hope for something
for no hope is no life

we all hope for something
to dull the sharp knife

the world over there
is the same as right here

we all hope for something
to extinguish the fears

hope binds us together
yet rips us apart

how simple it is
to follow our hearts

if your hopes were clear
and ours were too

we could together
decide what to do

searching everywhere

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searching everywhere for that one simple thing
reaching and grasping, not finding a thing

thinking your lost, begging to be found
looking and looking, you run all around

you’re desperate, completely, about to give up
find yourself wishing that life could just stop

the answer is simple and your problems are solved
all your anger frustration can easily be resolved

look to yourself, not outside for your strength
your soul can carry you, despite the length

stop searching and the path, you will find
and you will be free, body, soul and mind