so much

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so much
for me to say and feel

so few words
and action that are for real

not much time
to think things through
only time to act and do

hoping what I choose
is right

will make my future
soft and bright

but no one knows
for sure

there are so many things

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there are so many things out there to be thankful for
but yet I find myself lying here
crying on the floor

I feel empty
completely washed out

there’s nothing that takes it away
I just want to shout
and scream
and yell
and punch

but I just can’t
can’t do it
it seems far too much

life seems just empty
and life seems so dead
each day is walked through
with nothing exciting
nothing worth being said

life sucks

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life sucks.. and then y ou die

but who ever stops
to ask why?

sucking it up like cigarette smoke
feeling hopeless and always broke

completely depress
holding it in

just waiting for hell
to come round again

Missing the innocence
that once used to be

wondering how
this could happen to me

What’s going on?
Why am I here?

suddenly surrounded by all that I fear

Failure pounding
at my door

don’t think I can take too much more

life is strange

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life is strange
I feel so plain

there’s no point to anything
I can’t seem to gain

no reason to live
no reason to die
I don’t really care
and don’t understand why

I’m searching in vain
for a reason to go on

hoping and praying
my last chance isn’t gone


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open the box, take a peek inside

scan the pieces
find the one that cannot seem to hide

same size and shape
and a pattern that is similar

but something about that one,
it makes it unfamiliar

you can’t put your finger on it
it’s hard to understand

How something so alike and equal
can feel and act so banned

forbidden to thoughts and feelings
forgotten with the shake of the box

that special piece reaches for companions
but seems only to get more lost


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it’s funny

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it’s funny, so funny

how time just goes on

no matter how bad today was
there’s still tomorrow and all it’s problems

despite how bad it seems to be
it can always get worse

and it does, constantly

good is good, but not for long
relieved enough to finally smile and


a piano falls on your head the you’re right back to being Wilee E. Coyote…

beep beep.

they stand there looking

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they stand there looking
into each other’s eyes
finally aware of the feelings they’ve been trying to hide

both are unsure of just what to do
mutually scared to make the first move

it’s going to happen, but neither knows when
he pauses to think of where it all seemed to begin

the smell of his cologne, it reaches her nose
her eyes quickly flutter, then finally close

he slowly reaches out, then raises her chin
smiling, she realizes

she’s let him do it to her again

high school love :)

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I see you walking down the hall,

I dare not look, I dare not call.

For somewhere deep inside your eyes,

Is the place where all truth hides.

I’m not really sure if I want to know,

All that one quick look in your eyes would show.

For in your eyes I hope to see,

That sometimes you still think about me.

Everytime I walk by you,

I’m scared and I wonder just what I should do.

Well, this time I have to know,

so one quick look and then I’ll go.

I turn around slowly, and what do I see,

but your tell-tale eyes

looking right at me.

one of my poems

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Although there were many people there in that room,

Not just us two,

The only person that I seemed to see there was you.

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