learning the way

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more everyday

noticing the price
we all seem to pay

for love
happiness, joy and fear

how much it adds up
year after year

all these things
should be for free

taken in as one needs

no strings attached
take all you want

no compensation
no need to hunt

the only thing needed
or asked in return

is to allow for the fire
in your heart to burn

let it guide and lead and seek

and it will find the freeom of undaunted release

the haven in which
there is no cost

and all things are no longer lost

the home of all one ever needs
lies at the tip of the tongue

it’s called please…

brought together

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brought together
by coincidence

complete destiny from the start.

same interview, same day, same crappy job, same loss of heart…

… only expressed in different ways.

a tunnel of darkness

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a tunnel of darkness
explains my sight

I can’t see anything
and I’m afraid I might

walk into a wall
or maybe a pit

and not even notice until I’ve suddenly hit

the bottom, the hard, the core, the rock
the point where it’s too late to turn back the clock

afraid of the mistakes I might have made
too scared to look at the mid-term grade

hoping for one, small cylinder of light
to cross my path and give me the sight

that I’ve always needed and longed for inside
to break up the fear I’ve been trying to hide

just a beam to help me cope
a tiny bit that may keep me afloat

to sort out the crazy stuff, to stay in the game
i need a chance, just one free spin

to help pull me through til I get lucky again…

the only refuge for a soul

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is beneath a starry sky.

Only when night has come and day is gone
can I let out a sigh.

When everything is even
and homeostasis is restored

the sunlight and the chaos
are locked behind closed doors.

The night and all its glory
get a chance to shine through
the stars, planets and comets for
the backdrop for the moon.

They shine on and on forever
never once falling out of place

oh the things that I would give
to radiate an equal grace

Sights and sounds
of the night
are to me the epitome

of all that’s quaint and beautiful
the best show I’ve ever seen

reese’s pieces

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all fall down

the orange goes first
and then the brown

into my hungry mouth they fall
each one perfect

love them all

aren’t they just the greatest thing
just for all the taste they bring!

hope is there

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beyond the fear

beyond the doubt

beyond the sadness

for nothing will compare
with what is ahead
with what is planned
with what will come

and hope is strong
despite what holds it down

no hope can be overlooked
for someday what one hopes for
will be found

i hear and i feel

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i hear and i feel
I see the unreal

I walk with the light
and sleep through the night

I see and I speak
I walk on two feet

I receive what I need
rarely suffer and bleed

There is more than I see
there is more to be

(there has to be..)
and there is more than anyone
could ever even try to imagine…


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great big eyes

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pointed toward the infinite sky

a frail hand reaching out
for anything anyone could do without

the young girl
down on her knees
praying for all one could ever need

all have faith
deep in their soul

that tells them never to give up their hope
and fulfillment will follow

light shines down

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from up above

asks for nothing
only delivers endless love

gives one all
he ever needs

heals his heart
when often it bleeds

sacrificing all
just for that one man

never asking in return
just giving all it can

bringing warmth
to cold cold days

lifting fog that blocks his way

why can’t he return this gift
by helping each sad man that crosses his path?

for this would be the key
to bring him happiness
then for once, he could just throw back his head

and release a hearty laugh

in the spotlight

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in the spotlight once again

as one rises to the occasion
to do exactly what is expected and nothing not in the plan

as it has all been written in blood
the script of life has been around since time began

How dull and pointless it sometimes seems
that we try so hard for manufactured dreams

fantasy and reality share the same seat
when one does nothing flagrant or discreet

a thought is a thought, somehow put there by something once seen sometime, somewhere

we are all playing roles
‘the part of our life’

but, who is it that I ask if I would like a rewrite?

1 2 3 4

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a sign is posted on the door…

‘Open when you are lost.

You’ll be found

(there is no cost).’

spewing out

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spewing out
like a sewage plant
the ‘great’ things of the world

all the actors, acressses and music video stars
jump around and waste my time

robbing my mind of precious time
time for thoughts
time for care
time for deep meditation
carrying of my soul when it’s too far down to carry itself

it’s time to slow down the soppage
end this crazy madness



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chaos …¬† total and complete¬†constructs the world in which we live. Twisting, turning around, running backwards, tripping on a shoelace,¬†Falling sideways into a bowl of wax. Reaching frantically as the wax dries, engulfing us all without a second thought. What is really going on?

How ironic and crazy everything always turns out. Leaving us all in such a state of shock and surprise that we forget to watch where we’re going and accidentally cartwheel into a black hole, or maybe the Bermuda Triangle.

Lost…as everyone is, a person gets so used to it, they almost believe that they know exactly where they are. A funny mirage, we all seem to be living through. The reality every human depends on, that is truly no reality at all. A perfect model of the human existence. Walking through a vast and desolate plain of complete and utter nothingness. All the time believing it is Buckingham palace, or perhaps the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Everything of the utmost importance can’t even strain spaghetti. Can one exist without all these peripheral ‘necessities’… ‘of course not!’ Who can live without expensive toys and other useless things. Where is value? What do people really treasure?

Obviously not the Self… The sole savior for their messed up and lost minds. The one person they can truly see, feel, understand and learn something from. Selling their soul, their being … for a moldy crust of bread while Thanksgiving Dinner lies just beneath their belly-button. Why long for other just as mixed-up, turned upside-down, and washed out — what can they offer but rotten potatoes with bulging eyes? People must see to believe, perhaps that’s why they can’t believe in anything at all, only cars, beautiful women and pockets full of money. But what good do they do? Does this bring us any closer to the one, the ultimate, the one savior which lies sleeping within us. Just waiting for the optimum moment to explode and open our eyes to the wonderful truth in front of us? The secret is a well-kept one, and superficial, generic, fake believers never see the real- hidden beneath tons and miles and bushels and piles of cheap, worthless junk.

Okay, so it’s time to wake up, find yourself and emerge as the one you’ve always meant to be. The day of destruction is here. Open your eyes, slap yourself in the face and watch the meaningless nothing we call the world as we know it, crumble at your feet. The absolute, wonderful, vast, yet simple freeing world of your mind lies beyond the door. The ever-ajar, always heavy and reveling door awaiting you. just on the other side, right inside the magical universe of your over-busy, over-worked, always preoccupied mind. — Open It.