a beautiful gift

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a beautiful gift has been given to me
more wonderful than any I could ever seek

a gift of love, a part of me
a look at myselft that has, til now, remained unseen

it took just one simple boy
to open a part of me, I thought was void

to wake me up, to let me Be
to show me what it is that makes me me.

there is

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there is
no more
for me
to ask for
for it
is all

see myself waiting

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see myself waiting
expectantly to see your face
a light on my soul,
when I meet your gaze

lighthearted and free
when by your side

comfortable and happy always,
with that look in your eye

thinking about you most of the time
you are truly amazing
one of a kind

can i hold you
for just a moment more
and have just one more kiss, as you walk out the door

just can’t get enough
feel this love for you so much

can’t believe you have such skill
to touch my heart like you have

big and bright

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big and bright
what a sight

the tender rays of shining light

never know, i just might
not make it to see another night

I’ve got to enjoy it while I can

to the girl in the booth in front of me

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unsure of life and what it all means
drinking coffee
only wanting to sleep

I know what you think
just how you feel
as if nothing will change and you will slowly drown

too afraid to say anything
to anyone

take a deep breath
light a cigarette…
maybe everything will drift away with the smoke

you’re lonely
but not entirely alone
just unhappy with everything

you know
you remind me a lot of me
it’s not as bad as it seems

as the light turns off again

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as the light turns off again
I realize that there is no end

despite the number of times I try
I find myself left, in the dark to lie

but this is not a bad retreat
it gives me time to plan my feat

it is not the end for me
not long from now, I will see


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walking all alone in the dark one dat
I met a stranger. He crossed my path
and made me laugh out loud…

everyday just slips by

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everyday just slips by
and everyday I try and try

but the truth lies overhead
the game won’t end til I am dead

Even then, it shall go on
with everyone I’ve known so long

They will continue their lives too
just cuz there’s nothing more to lose

so this game I will continue to play
until I reach my dying day

A day in the life

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A day in the life of a madman
just how would that seem?
To be able to hear and see and feel
to make real out of other’s dreams

A day in the life of a child
what a wonderful day that would be
for you would have and feel and see
the innocence that once was for free

A day in the life of you or me
just what would we see
to walk around in another’s shoes
to realize it’s not as easy as it seems

For life is hard for everyone
each has their own ups and downs
but if you understand the test
an easier time will soon come around

There is one philosophical question

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that has confused man since the beginning of time. It aarises because we, as man, see ourselves as a sort of center of the universe. We are the most importatnt beings on earth. On the other hadn, wehn we are feeling cold and alone, we feel the opposite. We sense all the greater, more powerful things around us and we feel very unimportant and minute in this huge world. This leads to the question. What is the significance of man? what is man’s place in this world? 

Unlike man, God has answered this question many times. Possibly the first clues to this mystery are found in the Old Testament itself. God was providing us with the answers to our own questions, even before we had asked them.

12 o’clock

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12 o’clock and all is well
the night has proven its beauty
to all who here do dwell

it’s overcome us
once again
and will remain ’til the morning light begins

silently dominating over one and all
ignoring those who get scared and fall

the moon holds its position
elegantly in the sky
to remind us
that there is always another route to try

the bum on the street
sits down to rest his weary feet

the king takes off his royal crown
to pull back the sheets and
like all men lie down

the girl in her room
drops to her knees
to say thank you
and then to plead

that the creator of this beautiful night
will give her all he thinks is right

then there is a distant bell

12 o’clock and all is well

a shark sneaks up

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behind my back
to chew my feet and bite my neck

will he ever let me be
or will I always have to flee

from his sharp bite and easy glide
I am always forced to hide

or that will be the end of me
and he’ll find someone else to eat!

sleeping on the floor

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dreaming of the sky

opening her heart to everyone
the girl begins to cry

the door is closing once again
on the dream she holds so dear

her world slowly crumbles
she fills with hope and fear

‘maybe next time’ is all she thinks
attempting to clear her head

peering through the darkness
for the truth she seeks instead

as the light goes out on her short and solemn day
she utters a small prayer

that she will find the way

the song of life…

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a crumb of bread
lying on the floor

accidentally dropped
like many before

joining the others
in a circle of dust

looking up, seeing the loaf
and filling with lust

longing for butter
hoping for jam

his small little brain
devises a plan

his time of attack
deemed quite inopportune

for at this time
a boy of two came through

all his hopes and dreams are gone
leaving him only to sing a smooshed bread song

i’m tired | nevermind…

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