realizing slowly

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realizing slowly
what it all seems to be

clearing the haze
that endlessly engulfs me

erasing the mess
to leave a work of art

Picking out the rotten
to leave only the good of heart

look at everything

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a glowing heart

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a glowing heart
in a sea of gold

a shining light
as the darkness unfolds

a hopeful tear
in a sea of despair

all this unravels
as I silently lie there

A seer of hope
with nothing to lose

Finds that she
has not yet hit the low

A love so sweet
remains incomplete

and yet there is noone to blame

Why so dark
in a time so light

Why now and then
does something wrong seem right?

There’s nothing in this
that leads the wrong way

and there’s nothing really more left to say

Something strange
has led me here

This something grows
as does the fear

What lies on the morning sun?

What’s beyond the last big run?

Why, when I look at you,
do I see
something entirely true?

Why do I fear
what I do not know

why are you afraid to give it a chance to grow

What will tomorrow bring to this day

will what’s forgotten somehow stay?

What is it that pulls my heart

and what is it that so brutally rips it apart?

touch feel

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touch — feel

love — heal

reach — steal

love — feel





once feel
love real

and never want to lose it again

Nothing to do

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nothing to do
feel so untrue..

to all I hold so dear
start to fear..

but then
I catch a glimpse of light
and start to fight
for all I am within

find the way
start to play
a game that has no end

a game that one can never lose
but only choose
to give us (throw in his chips and quit)

the point is to continue
the players are many, but only very few
realize they play a never-ending game

many get lost somewhere during intermission

a silence

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a silence fills
the room up full

a candle flickers
to increase the pull

a silent call
fills the air

A stunning sight
nothing can compare

a faint perfume is all around
silence is broken

without a sound

a life turns out

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a life turns out
unlike it seems

and two fall down
on crying knees

for what they ask
for who it tolls

why’s she throwing it onto the coals

how can life turn out so cold
someone gorgeous wonderful and bold

with a swat of his hand
and a word of hate

has turned it into a terrible fate

i ask for something, don’t think it’s too much

he gives me a little
that seems like so much

but the one thing i dream of
remains out of reach

for the one thing i long for

he does not release…

on through

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on through
skies blue
have to do..something

no more time for crying
you’re not blind
so open your eyes and see…┬ájust how things are supposed to be

truth is wrong

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has been for so long
no sense of reality
only of fakeness and fraility
acting a part, straight from the start
a world apart, with little or no heart
too busy playing the part of a clown
to realize that the curtain is down
and has been for some time.


life is good

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a closeness

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a closeness is there

that cannot compare
to anything that has occurred before it.

It has amplified my senses
magnified my soul

and placed it in a basket at your feet

you were meant for me

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you were meant for me
can’t you see
what we seem to be

how we are
how we’ve come so far

what’s inside
trying to hide
and run
to where one can not find the sun

but where I feel
when you forget to lock the door
and hide the key

that one place inside of me
that senses that you care
and tempts me to share
all I have and more
when you graciously open up the door…

stumbling in the dark

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stumbling in the dark
seeking signs of light

reaching out for dreams
open to all signs

looking for a hint
of what tomorrow will bring

wanting only a glimpse
of the ultimate destiny

the hardest lesson…

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other people have always been distractions, like main attractions at an amusement park, for me to look at, lose and leave behind

but you

you taught me what it is really like
how I really need to give myself to someone and the joy and fulfillment I get from doing just that

I don’t want to be completely alone
not anymore

and that is what you gave to me
right before you left…

funny how

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funny howthings turn out

just when you think they won’t

Everything’s wrong
a bad country song

then BAM
it’s perfect again

So much better than they ever were planned

It’s amazing how

just now

when I’m down to my last 2 cents

life turns around and I’m right back on my feet again

crazy, huh?

and almost dumb

just how funny coincidences happen

To change your life and make it all somewhow suddenly worthwhile…