one hope [orig. art]

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free and clear [orig. art]

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ray of light

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u got me…

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i never knew

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I never knew
just what it was
but pretended to feel it’s pull

truth was
i knew not of love..
til u came and made my life so full

2 u

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beauty unparallelled
love never before so true
emotions believed to be nonexistant
all this
i give
to you


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for that which feels so near

through all that’s brought me here

where to next
i do not know
yet hunger for the way

for though i know not what’s ahead
i live for it each day


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i feel better

i still have no answer
know not where to go
but somehow it will be okay
this i just now know

everything will work
it will all end up just fine
one way or another..
i’ve got to give it time

got to just believe
feel it in my soul
squash all doubt completely
and in my heart, just know

exactly where

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exactly where you need to be
is exactly where you are
look no further for what you seek
for, from you, it sits not far

every answer you have searched for
it is right there too
when you stop reaching
it will all just come to you


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strength is…
composure in the worst of situations

letting go of that which you can not control
holding full responsibility for that which you can…
calmness in the midst of chaos
serenity when nothing is silent

knowing that what others do.. despite any pain they cause.. is not done to damage
but is done for some inner reason …that those hurt may not see or understand…

let go
focus on that which you seek
and places you err
admit faults
ask why
seek reasons
avoid excuses
utter only truths
find what is real

a dream..

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one thought
completely clear
truly sure
lucid and pure

etched in the mind
then covered up
lost- forgotten
something TRULY know
for a moment

if not properly noted

in the chaos of the mind
the good ones come back

to remind you
you’re on the right path…

a moment…

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I sit here in a moment
content and rested fine
enjoying that that is not here
to fill up all my time
that that seeks attention
phone calls, games and love
that that weighs on me
taking all i’ve got
that that see’s what is its
and never what is mine
that that sees not who i am
but what i can provide

a moment is so very sweet
and never long enough
a little touch of sanity
in life that’s often gone amuck

a moment of reflection
a moment of time and peace
a moment where no one is grasping
begging, demanding for a piece…

a moment that’s mine
no time for any more
just me and mine entirely
til i walk back in through the door
not that i don’t love
those who need me too
but i do so love a moment
and there are so very few…


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enclosed in darkness
radiating light
only one aspiration
to continue the fight
not to give up
not to give in
just to carry on
and say that i did not win
but.. i played my best
outlived all the rest
and gave it all i had
took the good with the bad
never surrendered to the mean angry world
just held my ground
and collected all it viciously hurled
held on tight
so now have it all
it’s time to give back
to answer the call..

Take all I’ve learned

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Take all I’ve learned
held in my soul
radiate some
of what’s been simmering in coals
penetrate the dark
show it some light
change things somehow
make something right…