free and clear [orig. art]

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free and clear

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free and clear


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scared… tremendously
of what is to come
how to provide— just how to survive…

How to survive.. how to get therough
how to make sense of what life can do.

How to be strong.. when feeling sooo weak..
how to proceed.. a road lined with defeat…

i give

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i give.
you win.

The game is over
so can we just go back to being friends?

The pressure’s too much
Can’t take much more

I need someone
to come scrape me off the floor

I’ve taken it all
with a convincing smile

So please give me something
to put out this fire

That gotten my house
my heart and my soul

all I’ve got left
is simmering in coals

It’s better than nothing
that I admit

Can’t you do something?
I said, I quit…

Be a good winner
that’s all I ask

Help pick up the pieces
and put them all back

stumbling in the dark

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stumbling in the dark
seeking signs of light

reaching out for dreams
open to all signs

looking for a hint
of what tomorrow will bring

wanting only a glimpse
of the ultimate destiny

a tunnel of darkness

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a tunnel of darkness
explains my sight

I can’t see anything
and I’m afraid I might

walk into a wall
or maybe a pit

and not even notice until I’ve suddenly hit

the bottom, the hard, the core, the rock
the point where it’s too late to turn back the clock

afraid of the mistakes I might have made
too scared to look at the mid-term grade

hoping for one, small cylinder of light
to cross my path and give me the sight

that I’ve always needed and longed for inside
to break up the fear I’ve been trying to hide

just a beam to help me cope
a tiny bit that may keep me afloat

to sort out the crazy stuff, to stay in the game
i need a chance, just one free spin

to help pull me through til I get lucky again…

there are so many things

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there are so many things out there to be thankful for
but yet I find myself lying here
crying on the floor

I feel empty
completely washed out

there’s nothing that takes it away
I just want to shout
and scream
and yell
and punch

but I just can’t
can’t do it
it seems far too much

life seems just empty
and life seems so dead
each day is walked through
with nothing exciting
nothing worth being said

life sucks

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life sucks.. and then y ou die

but who ever stops
to ask why?

sucking it up like cigarette smoke
feeling hopeless and always broke

completely depress
holding it in

just waiting for hell
to come round again

Missing the innocence
that once used to be

wondering how
this could happen to me

What’s going on?
Why am I here?

suddenly surrounded by all that I fear

Failure pounding
at my door

don’t think I can take too much more

life is strange

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life is strange
I feel so plain

there’s no point to anything
I can’t seem to gain

no reason to live
no reason to die
I don’t really care
and don’t understand why

I’m searching in vain
for a reason to go on

hoping and praying
my last chance isn’t gone


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it’s funny

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it’s funny, so funny

how time just goes on

no matter how bad today was
there’s still tomorrow and all it’s problems

despite how bad it seems to be
it can always get worse

and it does, constantly

good is good, but not for long
relieved enough to finally smile and


a piano falls on your head the you’re right back to being Wilee E. Coyote…

beep beep.