like to..

Take all I’ve learned

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Take all I’ve learned
held in my soul
radiate some
of what’s been simmering in coals
penetrate the dark
show it some light
change things somehow
make something right…

a little tired

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a little tired
but still blessed
with all I have to give the rest

to those that all around me roam
because they’ve not found that place called home

I’ve found my happiness
the something that somehow brings
that idea called joy and other things

So now I shall spread it around
to all who’ve looked but not yet found

that one thing they’ve always chased
but have been unable to keep in place.

abiding out of bounds

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abiding out of bounds
where no other can be found

on the wrong side of the street
where there are very few wandering feet

Only me and no one else
playing the hand that I was somehow dealt

Participating in the game from over here
In a place where no one realizes I stand near

Sort of like an invisible pawn
moving around searching for the dawn

To shine it’s soft sweet light on me
to open their eyes and let them see

The face that i give unto the word
the ideas I share and love I hurl

To something great, to make a change
to give the world a little less pain

I strive each day
to give some hope
to those like me that have to cope

with all the pain and hard defeat
that comes with living each day
on the wrong side of the street