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don’t know what to do

big heart
always looking for a new start

never knowing why

right faith
but always in the wrong place

the middle ages

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the middle ages
are so hard
the times are rough
the feelings scarred

these are the times
when life is got
but not the happiest
in the lot

for now is when decisions come
to work or play or melt away

this is when you have to pay
for most of what you think and say

a job must be chosen
family too

but in this middle ages
nothing will do

it’s too soon for children
too late for games
too early for good salaries
yet the ‘old jobs’ just aren’t the same

the rest of life is counting on right now
but there are so many decisions
and so little true know-how

what is a dream

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what is a dream, when you wake up too soon
miss the happy ending, it’s just you there in your room

what is the point of life lived so sweet
when just at the peak, heartbreak tugs at your feet?

what can you do, when your life’s fading away
who do you turn to when he no longer chooses to stay?

who is left to love, when all there is is hate
when do you call it quits and walk the other way?

who will wipe the tear that falls from your leaking eye
who will hold your hand when everything passes by?

how can you lie there and let it slip away
why not just go back to sleep and see the end that way?

poetry is

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poetry is reason

in my world of craziness

the one and only focal point
for when I run amiss

tidies up my mind
puts my thoughts in line

it even does the thinking
when I haven’t got the time


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home is not that great a place
until you’ve gone away
then it is a haven of which
you often dream and pray

you wish and dream and hope
that soon you will be there
To all the things that made you leave
you do no longer care

you heard your name whispered on the wind
and knew from where it came
That one sweet place from in your mind
that will always stay the same

one day you return
to this place you’re so very fond
but all the things you dreamed of
all of them are gone

the people and the places
are not quite what they were
and to them your fondest thoughts
have faded to a blur

seems true that home is something
and is quite a special place
but more priceless are the memories
for they will never lose their grace

the blessing

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at this moment I am surrounded
pure beauty is falling at my feet

I have found happiness
in the downpour that surrounds me

The pitter-pat of joy’s footsteps on my backporch

The natural light that my ancestors have seen for thousands of years

Yes, I know that tomorrow the sun will beat down once again,
even harder even than it did yesterday

but right now, in this eternal moment
happiness is raining down on me from above

and I am blessed

you have always been there for me

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you have always been there for me
right there by my side

you’ve shared with me my laughter
and wiped my tears when I cried

you stood up for me and supported me
whenever you thought you should
you gave me things and taught me things
that no one ever could

all alone, but not really

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all alone, but not really
in my own world that’s not really my own
thinking thoughts that aren’t really mine
living a life that does not belong to me

so what’s the difference if I lose or win
or since it’s not my game, can I ever be anything but a useless pawn?

jump around on the board for no obvious reason
just to move

but the one who made me knows the way
leads me somehow through every game I play

letting in is not defeat
just as making it to the end isn’t victory

it’s not the destination that’s important
but the long route that gets you there

age brings

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change in me

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change in me
so quick I couldn’t even see

until now.. and
oh wow.

My whole life now is new
I want to do things I never wanted to

A new place now is home
I no longer feel the urge to roam

Only to stay where I’m at
just to keep on and never turn back

Like it, love it
Hold it, want it

and never dream of letting go

abiding out of bounds

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abiding out of bounds
where no other can be found

on the wrong side of the street
where there are very few wandering feet

Only me and no one else
playing the hand that I was somehow dealt

Participating in the game from over here
In a place where no one realizes I stand near

Sort of like an invisible pawn
moving around searching for the dawn

To shine it’s soft sweet light on me
to open their eyes and let them see

The face that i give unto the word
the ideas I share and love I hurl

To something great, to make a change
to give the world a little less pain

I strive each day
to give some hope
to those like me that have to cope

with all the pain and hard defeat
that comes with living each day
on the wrong side of the street

all my life

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realizing slowly

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realizing slowly
what it all seems to be

clearing the haze
that endlessly engulfs me

erasing the mess
to leave a work of art

Picking out the rotten
to leave only the good of heart

big and bright

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big and bright
what a sight

the tender rays of shining light

never know, i just might
not make it to see another night

I’ve got to enjoy it while I can

i hear and i feel

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i hear and i feel
I see the unreal

I walk with the light
and sleep through the night

I see and I speak
I walk on two feet

I receive what I need
rarely suffer and bleed

There is more than I see
there is more to be

(there has to be..)
and there is more than anyone
could ever even try to imagine…