a moment…

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I sit here in a moment
content and rested fine
enjoying that that is not here
to fill up all my time
that that seeks attention
phone calls, games and love
that that weighs on me
taking all i’ve got
that that see’s what is its
and never what is mine
that that sees not who i am
but what i can provide

a moment is so very sweet
and never long enough
a little touch of sanity
in life that’s often gone amuck

a moment of reflection
a moment of time and peace
a moment where no one is grasping
begging, demanding for a piece…

a moment that’s mine
no time for any more
just me and mine entirely
til i walk back in through the door
not that i don’t love
those who need me too
but i do so love a moment
and there are so very few…

it’s hard

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[ Original: text on white ]

looking back [original art]

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]

Here I sit thinking…

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Here I Sit Thinking

sitting in the dark

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sitting in the dark

looking back

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Looking Back

a wish for nothing

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a wish for nothing
is all I ask

for what I have is the epitome
of all that is

a wholesome heart and shining face
a hint of love, a touch of grace

I have been granted all one needs
I hold more dear than it seems

I have been given the secrets of life
inside myself hides the light


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hidden beneath the obvious

is the most wonderful thing

it is the truth that lies inside
that many cannot see

The one small word on paper
the smallest fruit on the tree

These are what most overlook
and just the things I see

The beautiful things in life
that require an extra look

The most important secret
that somehow remains untook

foggy memories

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foggy memories fill my head
of all the times I wished to be dead

Now that they are all lone gone
I see how many of my thoughts were wrong

How the world has messed with me
showing me only what it wanted me to see

At this illusion I no longer must stare
for I’ve decided that what I see is not there

That all I have is all I need and
if I wait, I’ll have all I please

reflection | 1

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a longing heart

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a longing heart
with a touch of hope
a little love
never ceasing to grow

a trust that’s unquestionable
a bond that just won’t release
something about this time…
leaves me so at peace

a picture hangs on the wall

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a tear slides down so slowly

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a tear slides down so slowly
for simply no reason at all
a heart, just falls to pieces
but from where comes this strange call

it comes from down down deep within
and slowly seeps right out
it sneaks up on me in the dark
to fill my heart with doubt

could i have been wrong

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could i have been wrong
for so long?

how could I be so blind
the whole time I thought I could see.

all the answers I knew and explained
all the questions I seeked to attain.

but now is different
I don’t really know why

I’m not even sure if I should try

to understand the plan
that for which I have taken a stand

when I should have just sat down and smiled
wasted time, happy all the while

no longer wanting
the truth I don’t wish to see

all I really need to know
will eventually come to me

how can I feel

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how can i feel
so lost yet so found
knowing I’m free
but still feeling bound

I enjoy living life,
yet hate it too
so rarely sure
of just what I should do