waiting and wondering

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waiting and wondering
where this road will lead
holding my breath so long
I think I’m turning blue

where will I be tomorrow
next week
a year from now, will I still be around?

Unable to withstand the pressure
no, not me
I can take it
I always have
and I will keep it up until the end of time

through hurricanes, tsunamis
and any heartaches that shall come my way

the world is hard
but not that hard

the wind, rain
and even you
can’t keep me down for long

Deep inside
I am alive
and shall forever be

so nevermind all the stupid things
that try to pressure me
I laugh, ha ha

as I gaze into the distance
the next big obstacle, I can faintly see

eyes closed, heart open wide

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eyes closed, heart open wide
life is easy.. when you choose not to decide

to live everyday as if it’s the last
no fret or worry to days that have passed

today is it’s own
with no ties to yesterday
simply going on in this infinite game we play

no hopes of trying to win
no enemies to defeat
only the yearn to continue the game and always to compete

to play the game
the best I can before my time is gone
to make the best of every day despite how long it seems to go on

inside out

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inside out
or right side in
who’s to say
which way you live

walk around or sit down hard
just be happy on the path you’ve found

don’t give up
get sucked in

only you know
what shape you’re in

realizing slowly

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realizing slowly
what it all seems to be

clearing the haze
that endlessly engulfs me

erasing the mess
to leave a work of art

Picking out the rotten
to leave only the good of heart

Nothing to do

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nothing to do
feel so untrue..

to all I hold so dear
start to fear..

but then
I catch a glimpse of light
and start to fight
for all I am within

find the way
start to play
a game that has no end

a game that one can never lose
but only choose
to give us (throw in his chips and quit)

the point is to continue
the players are many, but only very few
realize they play a never-ending game

many get lost somewhere during intermission

life is good

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funny how

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funny howthings turn out

just when you think they won’t

Everything’s wrong
a bad country song

then BAM
it’s perfect again

So much better than they ever were planned

It’s amazing how

just now

when I’m down to my last 2 cents

life turns around and I’m right back on my feet again

crazy, huh?

and almost dumb

just how funny coincidences happen

To change your life and make it all somewhow suddenly worthwhile…

as the light turns off again

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as the light turns off again
I realize that there is no end

despite the number of times I try
I find myself left, in the dark to lie

but this is not a bad retreat
it gives me time to plan my feat

it is not the end for me
not long from now, I will see

everyday just slips by

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everyday just slips by
and everyday I try and try

but the truth lies overhead
the game won’t end til I am dead

Even then, it shall go on
with everyone I’ve known so long

They will continue their lives too
just cuz there’s nothing more to lose

so this game I will continue to play
until I reach my dying day

A day in the life

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A day in the life of a madman
just how would that seem?
To be able to hear and see and feel
to make real out of other’s dreams

A day in the life of a child
what a wonderful day that would be
for you would have and feel and see
the innocence that once was for free

A day in the life of you or me
just what would we see
to walk around in another’s shoes
to realize it’s not as easy as it seems

For life is hard for everyone
each has their own ups and downs
but if you understand the test
an easier time will soon come around


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