one hope [orig. art]

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i feel better

i still have no answer
know not where to go
but somehow it will be okay
this i just now know

everything will work
it will all end up just fine
one way or another..
i’ve got to give it time

got to just believe
feel it in my soul
squash all doubt completely
and in my heart, just know

exactly where

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exactly where you need to be
is exactly where you are
look no further for what you seek
for, from you, it sits not far

every answer you have searched for
it is right there too
when you stop reaching
it will all just come to you


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enclosed in darkness
radiating light
only one aspiration
to continue the fight
not to give up
not to give in
just to carry on
and say that i did not win
but.. i played my best
outlived all the rest
and gave it all i had
took the good with the bad
never surrendered to the mean angry world
just held my ground
and collected all it viciously hurled
held on tight
so now have it all
it’s time to give back
to answer the call..


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Someday life will be just right
no more lonliness at night
someday I will have with me
all i dream of  and hope for when I sleep
someday I will be a light
others look to when they’ve lost sight.
Someday I will smile more
for my two feet will reach the shore.
but until this wonderful day
life will go on and i must pray
that someday might just someday arrive
for now it seems
i am just barely alive.

the power within…

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The Power Within
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sitting in the dark

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sitting in the dark

one hope

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One Hope

searching everywhere

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searching everywhere for that one simple thing
reaching and grasping, not finding a thing

thinking your lost, begging to be found
looking and looking, you run all around

you’re desperate, completely, about to give up
find yourself wishing that life could just stop

the answer is simple and your problems are solved
all your anger frustration can easily be resolved

look to yourself, not outside for your strength
your soul can carry you, despite the length

stop searching and the path, you will find
and you will be free, body, soul and mind

rain falls

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rain falls
easily from the sky

to wash away the problems
that around each man do lie

to weigh him down before the throne
to show him just how low is low

to keep on falling
to have no end

to terminate everything
so it can begin again

to force one’s mind from the ground
to lift their head and look around

to see the man with nothing more to lose
carelessly playing in his last pair of shoes

to make one realize that despite his own load
there’s another out there that’s lost in the cold

the clouds appear

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the clouds appear
a huge storm is near

the drops begin
it seems like it will never end

lightning flashes, thunder roars
everyone closes all their doors

feelings can not be shown
after all, you’re all alone

soon the many clouds will clear
and the end will then be here

it’s true another storm will come
but to live, you have to pull yourself through some

saw the signs

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saw the signs
but missed the road

reached the end
but not where I intended to go

Turned around, began again
fearing deep down
another dead end

knowing inside that the trip was a must
and I had to do it
despite the distrust

The sky is dark and lights are dim
lines are long
the road is thin

Cars are few and spread apart
but I will reach my destination

if only I follow my heart

the blessing

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at this moment I am surrounded
pure beauty is falling at my feet

I have found happiness
in the downpour that surrounds me

The pitter-pat of joy’s footsteps on my backporch

The natural light that my ancestors have seen for thousands of years

Yes, I know that tomorrow the sun will beat down once again,
even harder even than it did yesterday

but right now, in this eternal moment
happiness is raining down on me from above

and I am blessed

alone, I guess

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alone i guess
everyday just like the rest

just a few are better
and just a few are worse

never knowing what to expect
just a day
nothing special to dissect

Follow through with the motions
no distinct questions, no solutions

Everything just happens
never sure exactly why

Then slowly, a tear slips by
bewildered, don’t know why I cry

but yet, I do, and the tears fall free

somehow, amazingly, they bring peace
and for this life of confusion, I am granted partial release

i have fallen

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I have fallen
on hard, hard days
and many more are yet to come

but if I overlook small signs of happiness
I will surely drown in all that ails me

at this moment

I am free

released from any ties that bind
by the freedom of the rain

all fears, stumblingblocks and hatred have been washed completely away

and I have the strength to await the many more
that lie along my path