with faith

one hope [orig. art]

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ray of light

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if we all knew

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ray of light

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the power within…

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The Power Within
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one hope

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One Hope

each bud that sits

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each bud that sits
and waits and blooms
holds his love
through and through
shows strength
and beauty and life so true
that we may see
and live some too


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like an old battery

like a drowning man

anew, with each breath
true feeling cannot be expressed

so fresh
like a ripe peach on the highest branch

as if every last drop I have to quench

the wrongs of yesterday

the song of my life just longing to play

life is hope

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clean and pure

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almost sure
denying lures

and letting go

sense him here
always near

never fear

because he is always with me

reaching out
unable to shout
never a doubt

that He will somehow help

hide my face
feel the grace
can then hold my minute place

He has lifted me again

out of the hole
the bottomless whirlpool
that left me a fool

He put me back on my feet

a little wise
in a tightening vice
a melting disquise

leaving only the truth

He has poured graciously into my soul

questions questions

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questions, questions .. fill my head
what is life and what is death?

is there a difference if one chooses to live
a life with no feelings; chooses not to give

Won’t give love, won’t give fear
won’t give laughter and no tears

Life is what one brings to it
not just walking through without breathing in

a life fulfilled is a life well-lived

A life worth livingin in which a man concedes and gives

Gives of himself
gives of his heart

gives of his being
each and every part

when one lets go
decides to give in

his life at that moment
does finally begin

see all that I want

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see all that i want
right in front of me

the dream that’s been in my head
I can finally see

nothing i can do
to make it all come true

for now it’s in the hands of God
awaiting the approving nod

it’s hard to see it all so close
and yet so far away

when the only thing that one can do
is wait and hope and pray

all alone, but not really

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all alone, but not really
in my own world that’s not really my own
thinking thoughts that aren’t really mine
living a life that does not belong to me

so what’s the difference if I lose or win
or since it’s not my game, can I ever be anything but a useless pawn?

jump around on the board for no obvious reason
just to move

but the one who made me knows the way
leads me somehow through every game I play

letting in is not defeat
just as making it to the end isn’t victory

it’s not the destination that’s important
but the long route that gets you there

life is good

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sleeping on the floor

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dreaming of the sky

opening her heart to everyone
the girl begins to cry

the door is closing once again
on the dream she holds so dear

her world slowly crumbles
she fills with hope and fear

‘maybe next time’ is all she thinks
attempting to clear her head

peering through the darkness
for the truth she seeks instead

as the light goes out on her short and solemn day
she utters a small prayer

that she will find the way