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the cup

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the cup

look into

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look into

beauty, truth

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Beauty Truth

when times are hard

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when times are hard
and roads are rough
we suck it in
and then play tough
we paste a smile
to cover fear
and then lose touch
with all we hold dear

but life is true and
beautiful too
dropping often,
enlightening clues
to brighten our days
sweeten our nights
to drown our fears
lighten our plights

nature is one,
a true gift from above
emanating pure light
and only the truest of love

each bud that sits

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each bud that sits
and waits and blooms
holds his love
through and through
shows strength
and beauty and life so true
that we may see
and live some too

to you

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my love
I give myself
and all I have to give

I promise now
from this day on
for only ‘us’ to live

I release all fear
and instead hold dear
the truth inside my heart

If you, my dear
fill with fear
and then begin to doubt

take hold this ring
for through my heart

it’s all washed out

hope is inside

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hope is inside
begging its way out

hope is a sign
when you get turned around

hope is a thing
to make warmth out of cold

hope is a thing
that never grows old

the elderly hope
just as much as the young

their yearnings and burnings
are extinguished by none

we all hope for something
for no hope is no life

we all hope for something
to dull the sharp knife

the world over there
is the same as right here

we all hope for something
to extinguish the fears

hope binds us together
yet rips us apart

how simple it is
to follow our hearts

if your hopes were clear
and ours were too

we could together
decide what to do

searching everywhere

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searching everywhere for that one simple thing
reaching and grasping, not finding a thing

thinking your lost, begging to be found
looking and looking, you run all around

you’re desperate, completely, about to give up
find yourself wishing that life could just stop

the answer is simple and your problems are solved
all your anger frustration can easily be resolved

look to yourself, not outside for your strength
your soul can carry you, despite the length

stop searching and the path, you will find
and you will be free, body, soul and mind

a wish for nothing

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a wish for nothing
is all I ask

for what I have is the epitome
of all that is

a wholesome heart and shining face
a hint of love, a touch of grace

I have been granted all one needs
I hold more dear than it seems

I have been given the secrets of life
inside myself hides the light


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hidden beneath the obvious

is the most wonderful thing

it is the truth that lies inside
that many cannot see

The one small word on paper
the smallest fruit on the tree

These are what most overlook
and just the things I see

The beautiful things in life
that require an extra look

The most important secret
that somehow remains untook


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like an old battery

like a drowning man

anew, with each breath
true feeling cannot be expressed

so fresh
like a ripe peach on the highest branch

as if every last drop I have to quench

the wrongs of yesterday

the song of my life just longing to play

life is hope

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don’t keep score

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don’t keep score
forget all that’s happened before
live for now
don’t ask how
things got this way
just look at what you can do to change them

good luck

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in all you do

be safe and sound
don’t be bound

follow your dreams
with no nights filled with screams of hate

i hope you don’t get this too late

find love
and peace for you
and release

from all that holds you down

let go
don’t care

find someone you can share
everything with

know you still linger
in my mind,
you truly are one of a kind

i love you
really do

and wish you all the things you seek, to find

foggy memories

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foggy memories fill my head
of all the times I wished to be dead

Now that they are all lone gone
I see how many of my thoughts were wrong

How the world has messed with me
showing me only what it wanted me to see

At this illusion I no longer must stare
for I’ve decided that what I see is not there

That all I have is all I need and
if I wait, I’ll have all I please