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i can’t believe your gone

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it seems so unreal
I’m so awestruck, don’t even know what I feel
We all try to move on, our minds stuck on repeat
Everyone’s looking for some sort of small retreat
I just keep talking to you, not knowing if you’re there
Hoping you’re somewhere and you know how much I care

my favorite things

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Hi :) I’m just writing to let you know that I’m thinking about you. I hope that all is going as well as possible for you.

I want to thank you, graciously for all that you have given up for me and my peers. All that I have is great and wonderful and I have it all only because of you.

All the wonders and works that you created with ease take my breath away. Each sunrise/sunset along with each crisp day or spectacular landscape. This land that you have created is the most wonderful — it’s more than anyone could ever need.

Some things I love and Thank you for…

warm blankets – soft furry animals – strong arms – cloudless nights with starts – solitude – freedom – a great book – all ‘moving’ movies – songs to sing along with on the radio – smiles – knee socks – feeling skin absorbing the sun (warmth) – mountains – the understanding – a big tree (huge) – making apple cider – a perfect set/serve/pass – adorable dimples – shining blue eyes – gracious giving hearts – sunsets – sandy beaches – ice – walking through rain :) – a warm, loving, supportive hand – sincere guys – expressive music – tell-tale eyes – summer days – no speed limits :) – people like me – common sense – apples – a great swim – a great dive – personalities – coloring books – 96 crayons in a box – perfumes/colognes – adopted little bro’s – honesty – pens/markers :) – writing – edible (and good) food – long/refreshing baths – shampoo – coconut sun tan lotion – the sky – vacations – islands – roller blading – the land (earth) – falling asleep in someone’s arms – plants – nights under the stars – skinny dipping – pets – low riders – archway cookies – prom – beautiful things – Chicago :) – quarterbacks – parents that love me – smashing pumpkins!!! – people who make me laugh – friends you can tell everything to – people who let me cry – a soft bed – solf stuffed animales – that one look in a person’s eye – a good story/movie that makes me cry – friendly people – 10 movies in one weekend – winter break – working – balloo/yuppie and getting video rental cards :) – life in general – giveing things to people I care about – CD players – 3D pitures that I rarely see – Easter family get – tegether – lotsa cd’s and sales – MCW – 50-70% off sales – boys (with personalities (in general) – cheap stores – unexpected phone calls – cheap gas – great cars – California –> Disneyland :) – # 1 on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – college – dirty dancing – grease – cuttin edge – my life – the feast of tabernacles – ¬†pretty woman… – 18 yrs old – definite good byes – creativity – knowing there’s always another chance – art – taco pizza – feeling like the person you’re with is someone that you could be with for the rest of your life…

they stand there looking

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they stand there looking
into each other’s eyes
finally aware of the feelings they’ve been trying to hide

both are unsure of just what to do
mutually scared to make the first move

it’s going to happen, but neither knows when
he pauses to think of where it all seemed to begin

the smell of his cologne, it reaches her nose
her eyes quickly flutter, then finally close

he slowly reaches out, then raises her chin
smiling, she realizes

she’s let him do it to her again

high school love :)

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I see you walking down the hall,

I dare not look, I dare not call.

For somewhere deep inside your eyes,

Is the place where all truth hides.

I’m not really sure if I want to know,

All that one quick look in your eyes would show.

For in your eyes I hope to see,

That sometimes you still think about me.

Everytime I walk by you,

I’m scared and I wonder just what I should do.

Well, this time I have to know,

so one quick look and then I’ll go.

I turn around slowly, and what do I see,

but your tell-tale eyes

looking right at me.

one of my poems

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Although there were many people there in that room,

Not just us two,

The only person that I seemed to see there was you.

sophmore english poetry project

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Twisting and turning
Is my heart really burning
Never knowing how he feels
And not really knowing if my feelings are real

Hoping that the confusion will clear
Hoping that the beginning or end is near
This huge pit that I’ve fallen into
Keeps me always thinking of you
Is this feeling true,
Or am I going to end up being blue?

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