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a little girl lost in the wood

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stood in the cove and shook and shook

no condolence by the thought in her mind
that a path if she looked, she surely could find

eyes closed, heart open wide

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eyes closed, heart open wide
life is easy.. when you choose not to decide

to live everyday as if it’s the last
no fret or worry to days that have passed

today is it’s own
with no ties to yesterday
simply going on in this infinite game we play

no hopes of trying to win
no enemies to defeat
only the yearn to continue the game and always to compete

to play the game
the best I can before my time is gone
to make the best of every day despite how long it seems to go on

vague attempts

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at stupid nothing
wasting time only to exist
walking around nowhere
pretending to be there
but where are you really
and what does it mean???

here I am, Cinderella

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here I am, Cinderella
dancing at the ball
holding you in my arms
presiding over all

hoping that this moment
will somehow always last
and never sneak so slyly
into the forgotten past

wanting the song
never to end
don’t want to
have to begin again

seeing my kingdom
when I look in your eyes
couldn’t be happier
if i could grow wings and fly

If only I wore glass slippers
and you a crown of gold
we could live happily ever after
and have our story told and told

inside out

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inside out
or right side in
who’s to say
which way you live

walk around or sit down hard
just be happy on the path you’ve found

don’t give up
get sucked in

only you know
what shape you’re in

slowly watch it all fall down

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slowly watch it all fall down
the throne goes first
and then the crown

Slowly see,
it’s telling me

that nothing’s as important
as it seems

funny how

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funny how things turn out
when lives so strange
find themselves on a single plain

when two separate ways
lead to one
and two people realize that for once
an answer has come

the clouds have cleared
and left me here
standing high and feeling free
looking at you, can finally see
simple magic in your eyes
and a few things i thought God had tried to hide

questions asked long before
are no longer mysteries
for now, finally I’ve reached the shore

goodness shines

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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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abiding out of bounds

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abiding out of bounds
where no other can be found

on the wrong side of the street
where there are very few wandering feet

Only me and no one else
playing the hand that I was somehow dealt

Participating in the game from over here
In a place where no one realizes I stand near

Sort of like an invisible pawn
moving around searching for the dawn

To shine it’s soft sweet light on me
to open their eyes and let them see

The face that i give unto the word
the ideas I share and love I hurl

To something great, to make a change
to give the world a little less pain

I strive each day
to give some hope
to those like me that have to cope

with all the pain and hard defeat
that comes with living each day
on the wrong side of the street

erase the day

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erase the day
the debt is paid
no more bricks
the wall is laid

push it down
no more throwing stuff around

the storm is passed
and we are left a jumbled mass

sift and sort through the debris
you and me, down on our knees

the sun went down
we almost drowned

morning’s brought a brand new day
we’re finally on the path
going the right way!

college dream…

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It’s funny how one spends her life thinking a certain way. Then all of a sudden – Bam – what was important and what she thought she always wanted turns out to have been not what she really wants at all. Thinking so thoroughly these past few months, I’ve realized that I no longer want to be a rich exec. working long hours, living in a spacious Manhattan Loft. I no longer want to wander the streets alone, stopping to read books in coffee shops. I no longer want to have a big dog and a big salary and a one bedroom flat. I no longer want to be the completely independent business woman my High School Self wanted to be.

I want to be a lover, a sharer. I want to be a person who can take the day off to spend the day with her husband, just because she feels like it. I want to be a mother and a homemaker. I want to spend the bulk of my time and energy making the one man I love more than anything… fell like a king that can do anything — I want him to feel the world wrapped around his little finger. i want him to hold me at night and tell me that he adores me.

I want him to know that he is the most important thing in my life and his dreams are all within reach. I want to hear his hopes and dreams and keep him looking always at them. i want him to rule the world, not merely wait it out. I want him to see himself as he is.. not as he perceives himself to be. I want him to know without a doubt that he is the most wonderfully intelligent street-smart, creative, handsome, beautiful, dedicated and compassionate man this world has ever seen. I want him to see himself through my eyes. Gain strength from that and use it to do all he wishes to do. I want more than anything in the world for the man I love to be happy — for despite what the world can do to him — I want him to see that it’s impossible to hold him down for long.

This man I love is strong, yet frail. Bold, yet scared. I want to give him a hand when he feels down and share the good times too. I want him to know that there are so many good times out there, that we still have not reached. Happiness is there and love and so much more, but my love, you must welcome it and let it in the door.

Life is meant to live not to muddle through and want nothing more for you to get the most of this wonderful life that’s been given to you.

you see… | original

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Original | Oil Pastel Abstract Art |  Text Overlay

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talking just today

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Talking Just Today

[ Original: text on photograph ]
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all my life

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realizing slowly

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realizing slowly
what it all seems to be

clearing the haze
that endlessly engulfs me

erasing the mess
to leave a work of art

Picking out the rotten
to leave only the good of heart