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alone, I guess

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alone i guess
everyday just like the rest

just a few are better
and just a few are worse

never knowing what to expect
just a day
nothing special to dissect

Follow through with the motions
no distinct questions, no solutions

Everything just happens
never sure exactly why

Then slowly, a tear slips by
bewildered, don’t know why I cry

but yet, I do, and the tears fall free

somehow, amazingly, they bring peace
and for this life of confusion, I am granted partial release

see all that I want

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see all that i want
right in front of me

the dream that’s been in my head
I can finally see

nothing i can do
to make it all come true

for now it’s in the hands of God
awaiting the approving nod

it’s hard to see it all so close
and yet so far away

when the only thing that one can do
is wait and hope and pray

extend it far

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extend it far
to the farthest star

set your eyes
don’t be fooled by the simple disguise

That elegantly lies
right before you

Ignore the false
listen only to the calls
from within

the answer is there

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the answer’s there..slightly out of reach
the question is yours..for you to expand and teach

learn more then ever before
let out all that makes you shout
let go and just enjoy the show

looking at everything

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]
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all alone, but not really

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all alone, but not really
in my own world that’s not really my own
thinking thoughts that aren’t really mine
living a life that does not belong to me

so what’s the difference if I lose or win
or since it’s not my game, can I ever be anything but a useless pawn?

jump around on the board for no obvious reason
just to move

but the one who made me knows the way
leads me somehow through every game I play

letting in is not defeat
just as making it to the end isn’t victory

it’s not the destination that’s important
but the long route that gets you there


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the light goes out
and I want more

like a promise
something real
to justify the way I feel

to give me a reason to let it grow
to convince me that you will not go

I’m worried sometimes that this dream will end
and I’ll go back to the beginning again

but that’s the chance one has to take
when playing games with such high stakes

when you see

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when you see
you can be

and until you do
you won’t be free

fulfilled | original

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[ Original: text on oil pastel drawing ]
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lightning flashes

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lightning flashes
through the sky

passion flickers
through your eye

feel the rain
hit my face

feel your heart
begin to race

thunder shakes the earth and moon
hunger projects through the room

the storm transforms to soft morning dew
and I am left completely loving you

as always

to the one that holds my heart

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to the one that holds my heart…
I write these words to you
to he who is my dream
the fresh spring morning dew

I know that you are far away
and I am left right here
there has not been a time
when I did not feel you near

I know you know I miss you
and nothing is the same
I am waiting anxiously
to see you once again

goodnight, my dear

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goodnight, my dear
I miss you

is all I say today
For many times throughout these hours
my mind has often strayed

gGoodnight, my dear
I miss you
and can feel you at this time
when I lay down to go to sleep
and close my longing eyes

a flower’s there

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a flower’s there
for me to stare

to think and see
to feel and be

it is mine
and I am its

and with time
all things are fixed

time winds up

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then time kills
time drips out
then it fills

covers my eyes
can hardly see
holds me down
then sets me free

time is long
but slides by fast
builds my future
then fills my past

will there ever be a time
that time refuses to exist
gives me time to think things out
to catch all that I’ve missed

age brings

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