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open wide

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look inside

there’s a place where
nothing can hide

find it.


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a candle’s blown out
darkness surrounds
there’s no movement in the quaint little house

yet it’s all right there
like never before
a light faintly shines from beyond the door

the truth falls as a shadow
on the soft sweet bed
and all of a sudden…
an idea’s in my head!

reflection | 1

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a longing heart

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a longing heart
with a touch of hope
a little love
never ceasing to grow

a trust that’s unquestionable
a bond that just won’t release
something about this time…
leaves me so at peace

a picture hangs on the wall

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frustration fills

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frustration fills
and frustration feels
but no one sees…
they’re too frustrated

one step at a time.

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Hi– Sorry it’s been a real long time since I’ve written, but you’ve let things get a little crazy here lately and I haven’t had time to write. I’m not sure this time what I want to ask for, because my whole life’s sort of run away from me and I don’t know where it’s going to lead. I’m lost. Really lost, just sort of floating right now. I know that somehow everything will be okay, but I’m finding it very difficult to believe, especially from where I’m standing. It looks like a big, deep, horrible hole and I have no idea what I can do to make it better. Everybody wants something or wants me to do something and noe have any clue as to what it is I really want – honestly, I think even I’ve forgottn. I am sooo scared. I don’t know what’s happening or what will happen. I’m trying as hard as I think I can and I just keep losing ground. The debts and hardships keep getting larger while the good things and the hope and the wages get fewer and farther between. I don’t know what to do. I was going to ask for a lot of other things, but for now, I just want an idea. A little hope. Something that show that maybe everything will be okay, somehow.


a tear slides down so slowly

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a tear slides down so slowly
for simply no reason at all
a heart, just falls to pieces
but from where comes this strange call

it comes from down down deep within
and slowly seeps right out
it sneaks up on me in the dark
to fill my heart with doubt

free to see

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the truth that exceeds

all that any man could ever


a little tired

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a little tired
but still blessed
with all I have to give the rest

to those that all around me roam
because they’ve not found that place called home

I’ve found my happiness
the something that somehow brings
that idea called joy and other things

So now I shall spread it around
to all who’ve looked but not yet found

that one thing they’ve always chased
but have been unable to keep in place.

could i have been wrong

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could i have been wrong
for so long?

how could I be so blind
the whole time I thought I could see.

all the answers I knew and explained
all the questions I seeked to attain.

but now is different
I don’t really know why

I’m not even sure if I should try

to understand the plan
that for which I have taken a stand

when I should have just sat down and smiled
wasted time, happy all the while

no longer wanting
the truth I don’t wish to see

all I really need to know
will eventually come to me

how can I feel

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how can i feel
so lost yet so found
knowing I’m free
but still feeling bound

I enjoy living life,
yet hate it too
so rarely sure
of just what I should do

rain falls

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rain falls
easily from the sky

to wash away the problems
that around each man do lie

to weigh him down before the throne
to show him just how low is low

to keep on falling
to have no end

to terminate everything
so it can begin again

to force one’s mind from the ground
to lift their head and look around

to see the man with nothing more to lose
carelessly playing in his last pair of shoes

to make one realize that despite his own load
there’s another out there that’s lost in the cold

i give

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i give.
you win.

The game is over
so can we just go back to being friends?

The pressure’s too much
Can’t take much more

I need someone
to come scrape me off the floor

I’ve taken it all
with a convincing smile

So please give me something
to put out this fire

That gotten my house
my heart and my soul

all I’ve got left
is simmering in coals

It’s better than nothing
that I admit

Can’t you do something?
I said, I quit…

Be a good winner
that’s all I ask

Help pick up the pieces
and put them all back